Jenoric – Monday  November 2, 2009 

I am Jenoric.  I am a physician.  I am here at this time assisting in your time of Pre-Ascension.   There are those who are open to Transmissions from us on a subtle level and those who are actively working with us in receiving assistance in their work as Healers and Health workers.   There is much to address by way of healing on your Planet at this time in your his/herstory.    The stresses of your everyday lives are contributing to what we see as a sick and ailing world population.  The fouling of the waters, air, land and the malicious tinkering with DNA in food has brought the world’s population to its” knees.  We have been monitoring the situation and alleviating some of these stresses as we can for now.   We ask that you work With us and focus on your healing.  See the Air, water and earth cleansed of all toxins.  Cleanse your thoughts of despair.  See yourselves as Great Warriors of the Light, the Goddess’ children.  You are Truly Great and Powerful Spiritual Beings…..LIVE AS Such!  Stand Tall in your OWN POWER!  Know that you are the Children of the Great Goddess/God and that you Can do Anything!   Heal your Minds; Heal your Emotions!   You are Needed NOW!  The luxury of procrastination is no longer an option!  You ARE NEEDED NOW!   We will and are, helping, but the Intent must come from YOU with the full force of your WILL!   We ask that you focus on what you want for your world.  See the end result of that focus.  Do not shrink from what may come.  Keep you serenity at All Times.  By doing so you will have a profound effect on events that are going on around you.  Be Steadfast in the Light and in the calmness of your Being.  We are here to assist You and ask that you All step forward and rescue Yourselves from the Fear and Hate that has been foisted upon you.  FREEDOM IS A THOUGHT AWAY!   We on the Azalea Light salute you this evening and we look forward to working with you personally when we land on your Beautiful Shores.  Good Night!  Rest in the Great Mother’s Arms!   Telepathic Communication by  Spirit Eagle  Monday  November 2, 2009  10:36 pm