I Am St. Germain – November 25, 2010

There is much happening on this world, much of it unseen by the majority of people.  The manipulations and subterfuge is a part of the end game that is causing those who have much to lose of a material nature to seek out more openly destructive ways in which to save themselves and to preserve their great and ill-gotten wealth.

In the United States, the people are being tested this weekend to come.  The complacency with which humanity will give up its’ freedoms in the name of “safety” and “security” is being watched and recorded by the citizens of the world.  Your country was founded with the God-given mandate to awaken from the dream and to be a  a shining example of what is a reality of government, For, By, and Of the People!

To allow that which is Sacred, ( your Soverignty,) to be taken from you as helpless little children is Not why you have been born here!  You are here to usher in a New world, not a more degraded one, a world of frightened children who need “the government” to make them safe! 

You are Free!  Yet you are Allowing your subjugation to your enslavers!!!  Your Precious bodies are Sacred as are your children’s bodies!  These Innocents are being abused in your public Airports!  This is Not keeping you and your children “Safe”!  This is making you docile chattle of the Controllers of your lives! 

If you truly want a New World, a world of harmony, peace, kindness, and safety, well, That is up to You, each individual, to bring into this reality By Your Actions!  One who helped to craft the Constitution said that the job of the government isn’t to protect you, rather it is there to SERVE you! 

My precious ones, there Are no guarantees that you will always be safe.  Life is a Grand Adventure!  Adventures aren’t always “safe”, but remember, that you are Truly Living when you Feel your FREEDOM, your Soverignty!  When you give over your freedoms to another, whether it is a person or a governmental body, then you are the Walking Dead!

My Dear Ones, You must wake up from this dream that is in reality, a nightmare!  See it for what it is!

Remember that Your FEAR FEEDS the Dark Ones!  They Thrive on it!  YOU HAVE THE LIGHT OF THE CHRIST!  YOU NEED NOTHING ELSE! 
Be in Integrity, Be Courageous, Be FREE! 

On this Day of thankfulness in your country, ponder those who walked this land before you came here, those who took care to keep the balance within themselves and on the Mother of All, the Earth.  Ponder how the Earth MOTHER has been disrespected and poisoned since then.  Every action of yours affects the Earth; even your thoughts! 

It is Time for you ALL over this precious planet to respect yourselves, your sisters and brothers in all Kingdoms on the earth!  Know that ONLY YOU Can MAKE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A WORLD OF SLAVERY AND A WORLD OF SOVERIGNTY!  It is Your Move now! 

Walk this day in Heartfelt Thankfulness AND determination to protect
the GIFT OF LIFE of All Beings on the Earth Mother.  I Am St. Germain.

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  Thursday November 25, 2010 9:20 am  

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