I Am St. Germain – 3/3/15 

St Germain:  As you can clearly see now the longed-for Truth Is being released to the Public by your White Knights!  They Have NOT disappeared nor were they a figment of someone’s dramatic imagination!  As more information (Truth) is released the encouragement that is elicited by that Truth is raising the expectations and Consciousness of the Planetary Body and all upon Her! 

The Dark Ones have been vanquished to a degree.  It is like a wall of rocks that have accumulated over years in one spot beneath a mountain.  When a particularly large rock tumbles down that mountain it hits the top of the pile and causes a cascade of rocks falling the rest of the way down the valley beneath that mountain.  There is no stopping this cascade!   The Truth is coming into the open for all to see!  It is trickling down and soon will be a time when the information will see the Light of Day!   Know that it is done!  There are many in governments around the world who are working for and with the Light and for All of Humanity!  It has been Decreed that the end of this Master/Slave system is Here! 

All people may not know what is happening to them as they confront issues that they have avoided until now.    It is the time to delve Within and feel, and release the pain of the past and forgive yourselves for what you have inflicted on others and what others have inflicted on you!
Forgive Them!
The Time Is Nigh!  As the Truth of Humanity’s situation is revealed, remember that this is a Time on Earth that you have been waiting for.  The Earth’s situation is such that had she not begun to rise in dimensional growth nor had the assistance from the Galactic Federation of Light and us, (the Ascended Masters) Humanity would not have made  it as a Species. 

Because the Light Within so many of you has grown exponentially, the Minds and Hearts and the Emotional Bodies of Humanity are able to receive the Revelations that will perforce, bring an end to the Miasma of Illusion that you have all been under.  Open your Hearts and Minds as you never have before!  We are so very close to what you have held lovingly in your hearts and minds for lo, these many years!  Go forth and do the Work that must be done!  Open your Minds and hearts as you have never done before.  Go in Courage and Strength and know that you have acquitted yourselves as the Great Rainbow Warriors that you Are!

I Am St. Germain   Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle   3/3/15  9:34 pm