I Am Ramtha! Friday, October 26, 2007 

Oh, it has been a long time Indeed!  I have watched you over the years and I have followed your progress ever upward to your Highest Good!   YOU HAVE LEARNED???  HA Ha Ha!  Yes!  You remember!   I am pleased to come to you in your own Dreamtime at your Wondrous Computer!  It has been a Very Long Journey to this place from all those many years ago; has it not?  I have blown in my aspect as the Wind over your life and the lives of many who are walking the Path of the Peaceful Warrior!   We have been through Many Journeys Together; have we not?   All who are on the Ascension Path on a Conscious level are my special Proteges.  We have walked many miles and many lifetimes in the Wondrous Blue Skies of Mother Earth, in the many Green Valleys upon her and we have sped through the mystical waters of the Oceans together in the Oneness of All That is!   I am Very Proud of All of You and I am Very Proud to be a part of your progress towards Ascension!  You are at the end of the Road to Ascension, (relatively speaking, of course!) We have walked together across the Centuries of your learning, have we not???  Yes, it has been a long and arduous Journey to the Center of Your Universe Within, and now you are at the End of that Journey and We who have watched over, and encouraged you are at the Finish Line of your Dash to the End of Duality, Cheering you on!!!!   You have a Helpmate now?  Yes, he is a very Special Soul and has come at this time to assist you in the End of the Old and in the Beginning of the New, Into Eternity!!!   Yes, he has Known you to the very Depths of your Soul!   You are One as only Twin Souls can Be!  The work you are doing together is a Grand Work!    It is Changing the World as well as your Personal Worlds!    I wish all to know this night that We, are Oh, so proud of all of you who have been Faithful to the Light and who have Lived the Truth of Who you Are!  You are All Truly, Grand Masters!  You are never alone for we are Always with you!  The speed of your growth  and your persistence in Change has been a heartening thing for us to witness!  Everyday, the Earth Lights up even more brilliantly than the day before and this is from YOUR LIGHT!  And the persistence that you all have in attaining the Very Highest Good for All Beings Everywhere!   So, Masters,  I ask you, “Have you learned?”  I am sure that you will answer with a resounding “yes”!  You are Treasured Masters!   I Am Ramtha!   Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle Friday, October 26, 2007  10:56 pm