I am Donatel. November 25, 2007

We are transmitting from the Ship  that you call “The Gold Star”.  I am Donatel.  We, like you, are awaiting orders that will begin the final story of Humanity’s Awakening!  Our Personnel are from many places in this Galaxy and a few are from Andromeda. All ships are in position and are ready at a moment’s notice to act upon the orders to either intervene when  and where it is necessary or to show ourselves en mass to the People of Earth.   We have been working ceaselessly with you in your Dreamtime!  You are being prepared for the changes that are in progress right now.  Your bodies and minds are in a very accelerated state of metamorphosis.  Your emotions may be “off the charts” as you say.  This is the Roller Coaster Ride of the Cosmos!     If you have not yet chosen to be a part of the Changes that are bringing a New World into being, then we suggest that This Is The Time To Begin!  Are you considering ways in which you can help the Earth and ALL WHO LIVE UPON HER?   Have you a Vision for Communities of Conscious,individuals who make up a Harmonious Whole?   Are you considering All LIFE upon the Earth Mother in your plans?  Are you visioning businesses and technologies that are “clean” and that serve humanity?   Now is the time to begin!  Write your Proposals, meet the people of like mind who share your Vision because before too long a time elapses, you will be glad to have much of the work on your Projects completed and ready  for Funding and Implementation.   You may consider this what you term, “A Heads Up”.  We wish you Great Joy in your Work to bring the New Earth Into Being!  Good Night My Dears!   Telepathic Communication  by  Spirit Eagle  Sunday November 25, 2007 12:09 am