Ghondor Friday, December 14 2007

   It is I Ghondor, your Pleadian friend.  Things are moving along in Cosmic Order.  You have passed the point of no return sometime ago.  You, the people of earth, will never be the same again !   You have passed all expectations of your sStar Sisters and Brothers!   Too be sure, there are some rough times ahead, but it will be nothing that you cannot handle. Think of it as a Spring Cleaning in every area of your lives.      You are preparing for a New Season upon your Earth Mother, a New Way of Be-ing.  We are in awe and in joy at the amount of change that has taken place in the hearts and the minds of those of you walking the planet today.      Those of you who have been dilegently working to create this New World will be given the task of assisting those who are just waking up to the true reality of what has been taking place within all of your societies.   We ask you to be at Peace and Oneness with all life upon and in the earth.  For it is You who will lead the way to the Stars!  This is Your Shining Hour! You have worked diligently, in complete faith, for all of Humankind and all sentient life upon the earth.   You will be inspired and nudged in your new work to be accomplished in your next Phase.  No matter what is going on around you, stay in a place of Peace within your hearts.  Hold the Space for All upon the Earth Mother.  WE ASK YOU NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, to STAY IN NEUTRALITY.   Be a Beacon of LIGHT for ALL!   Be a Center of Calm regardless of what is going on around you.  And most importantly, Stay in Joy! Spread this Joy to All around You.  Your Faimly of Light salutes you and honors the Work that you are All doing!   It has been good speaking with you again!    Goodnight and Rest Well in the arms of the Great Mother.   Telepathioc communication by Spirit Eagle              Friday, December 14 2007 11:43pm