Ghondor – April  19, 2008

It is I, Ghondor, Little One!   We have been through much, you and I.  This Transformation on and of your Planet has happened before in many places across the Galaxies and Universes.   The uniqueness of this event is in the Timing of the 26,000 year cycle that is concluding now.  The Earth’s vibratory rate is causing discomfort on many levels within the human populations.  The other life forms are having an easier time of it as they have Always lived in harmony with Creation.  They have seen what you (humans) have been unwilling and therefore unable to see.  Many of them are helping you by their Presence, most especially, what you consider to be your “pet companions”.    Be Gentle with yourselves.  Rest and play in moderation.  Be often in the natural world as this is the fastest route to re-generation of the spirit and the body.  Touch the Earth!  Bring that serenity Back Into your daily lives.  Be an example of Peace and Quiet Presence for others to emulate.     This is a time to Live your Truth, and to BE the Spiritual Warriors that Lead the People of Earth into a new form of Living in and from the Spirit Within!  This is what you came here to do!  This Is Your Mission!   Welcome to The New Earth!  Your Pleadian Friend, Ghondor   Telepathic Communication  by   Spirit Eagle       Sunday          April  19, 2008  11:40 pm