Ghondor – 1/17/10

We are here.  I am Ghondor, your Pleiadian friend.  And I am Sekhmet whom you know.   Sekhmet:  The World is watching that Island and wondering and feeling.  Many are in bewilderment as to what has happened.  This is Not a time to wonder about soul contracts.  There is The One who weighs the deeds of each soul’s progression and that is an individual experience and Not to be judged by others in or by their soul’s journey.   This is a Time for True Compassion!  This is a Time for Feeling With Love for your Human Family!  To be able to Love, you must visualize yourselves in the circumstance that your Haitian Sisters and Brothers are experiencing Now!  FEEL it!  That is Empathy!     There is More to this story than is available to your usual sources at this time.  There Are No Secrets anymore.  FEEL what is true.  You will know.   I love All of My Children, as ALL are One With Me!  Those who walk the Path of the New and Rising Earth, I say to you Again, Walk and Live with Love, Compassion, and Empathy in the Now!     I leave you now My Dear.  Ghondor wishes to speak.   Ghondor:  I know that this event harkens many back to the time of the Hurricane in New Orleans, in the United States.  There are great similarities.  This diversion from the Truth of what is occurring on a Planetary scale within most governments, will backfire on those who would enslave your world.    Know that with Love in your hearts and Compassion for self and others you will graduate to a more elevated place in your Soul’s Journey.  Stay Centered Within Yourselves!  Be Strong and Protective of All Life on Earth!    Good Night Little One!  Sleep this night in the Arms of the Mother Goddess!   Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  Sunday 1/17/10 10:24 pm *These Messages may be posted to other sites.  Please post them in their Entirety and Do Not Title them as I write them as Given to me!   These Messages are Copywrited. Thank you!  Spirit Eagle