Geor-kos – 1/16/14      

I am Geor-kos.  I am what you think of as a Centaur of your tales of old.  We are here and have always been here on the beautiful Mother, the Earth.  We are mostly invisible to humans although other species are aware of us.  We are not in your third dimension but sometimes those with eyes to see and ears to hear will be aware of our presence.
Our sisters and brothers, the Horse People are mighty Beings of great intelligence, emotional, physical and spiritual strength.  We have been here for aeons of time on the Earth Mother.  She has nurtured us as she has nurtured you as well as the Horse People of Earth.
We, and our physical brothers and sisters have come here to teach humans to remember their Humanity and what that means.  Many of the Horse People have become victims of the selfishness and greed of the relatively few in numbers on the Earth Mother who see only profit and loss when they consider the Horse People!  It does not matter what cruelty is inflicted upon them as long as money is made!  This must stop!   There is no longer a place upon the Earth Mother for Cruelty, Heartlessness and the Pride of Ego! 

Horse came here to teach humans the Joy of letting go, and of freedom.  They are Strength personified.  They use All of the Gifts that Creator has given them!   They, like us Walk Between the Worlds.  They have shown humanity what true Service is.  Look into the eyes of a Horse Person and you will see eternities of love and Great Wisdom looking back at you!
When you purify yourselves of ego, you will see us too, the Centaurs!  We look forward to seeing you who have Awakened!   Good Night!  Be Strong for what is ahead!
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle            1/16/14           12:56 pm