Elementals, the Water Sprites – 10/29/10

We are the Elementals, the Water Sprites.  We speak to you of Oneness.  We speak to you of the Oneness of All Life upon the Earth.  We live in the waters, you breathe air, but we are One.   Without us, your waters would be COMPLETELY poisoned.  We transmute the toxins in your waters.  Until relatively recently we have done this alone and it was a daunting task!  Now, we have help from the Space Family and we are very much relieved.   The waters off your coasts all over the world are collecting islands of plastics.  The oceans have become dumping grounds for all manner of poisonous substances.  The lifeforms have been dying, because of this; some are becoming extinct.   The many oil spills and volcanos of oil spewing from the ocean floor have contributed to the large die-off of many species.  The nefarious deeds committed by those who would not pay the fines for the killing of Endangered Species but who did so in a more Direct manner and eliminated the evidence of how many Marine Mammals, Birds, fish were killed.  You will, in the time to come, see the evidence of this slaughter!  Dark deeds can no longer be hidden.    We, the Elementals of the waters, ask you to QUESTION ALL and to go Within to your Mighty I Am Presence when you are being “schmoozed” as you say!  (Not being told the WHOLE Truth!)   Your answers Are Within!  There is a human saying,”By their Deeds, you will know them”.   Do Not ignore what is happening to your oceans and rivers and streams and lakes and creeks!  They are ALL ONE!    Open your eyes!  See that you are  bathing in your  own wastes!!!  ALL of LIFE Depends on YOU!!!   To correct what has gone wrong on this Planet!!!   Will you help us and the Space Sisters and Brothers to clean up Earth’s Waters?  Or will you close your Minds and your Ears to the cries of the Marine Life that are Dying?  Will you close your Hearts to the beleaguered Lifeblood waters upon Mother Earth?   This is the Turning Point!  Humanity will respond with Love and Courage or it will drown in its’ own effluent?  We are your family from the Waters.  HELP US TO HELP MOTHER EARTH!   Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  10/29/10  10:30 pm     Addendum:  I wrote this Communication while I was taking a bath tonight.  By the time that I finished the Message I Felt what All of Life in the waters on our Planet was Feeling!  It was horrendous!  The Life of and in the waters is disturbed.  I felt the Dying of the Lifeforms in and of the waters!    I was in a nice hot bath, but this time I was Aware of what the water Itself was Feeling.  I cried.   The water  may look the same, but it is different!  It is in Pain and it can’t get away from the pain!   It is Our Responsibility to alleviate the suffering that WE have inflicted upon other lifeforms by our willingness to close our eyes to the impact that our lifestyles have on our Precious Mother of All Things.   I Felt very clearly that Life within the waters has no where to go but to stay and suffer because of our willingness to accept the “status quo”, to accept that we are little and unable to change and that we have no power.     I Know Better!  We Are Great and Powerful Spiritual Beings, expressing in human bodies !    It is Our Job to Change the World, Not the Ascended Masters, or our Space Brothers and Sisters, not the Angels!   They are helping us, to be sure, but this is mainly Our Job this time around!   THIS IS WHY WE CAME HERE!   Speak Out!  Speak Up!  A Whole Planetary Life is at  stake!  We are One with All life on Earth!  FEEL what other forms of Life are feeling!  Feel what we All collectively have wrought!     My Dear Family, Let’s All Take Back Our Planet!  She and All lifeforms on her are OUR RESPONSIBILITY!   Let us Live as the Rainbow Warriors that we truly are!  Spirit Eagle  

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