Chronos – September 6, 2013

I Am Chronos.  We have been with you through the days, and months, and years and centuries and millennium  guiding, nudging, and sometimes speaking as you have trod your separate paths to your own ascension.
This time on your Earth is one of confusion, despair, rampant cruelty and darkness. The actions of the Dark Ones seem to be all powerful. Let me tell you that they are not! Those who have followed the Ego to the place from which it cannot escape are not in a place of power. It may seem to you to be otherwise. Those who would escape the bounds of Earth after destroying her will not be allowed to do so!
This whole Galaxy is rising into higher dimensional existence so that there will be no place for the limited consciousness of the Dark Ones and their works.
If you want to heal and fly to your next stage of unlimited consciousness, that opportunity is here. You are the Healers of yourselves and of all on the Earth Mother! To do this will take all of your Will Power! It will take being cognizant of what is going on around you in every sphere of your life! As you already realize, this is not a work for the faint of heart, but remember: you have chosen this time in this place to incarnate. You are here to experience this upliftment into higher dimensions so that you too, can help souls from other three dimensional worlds to rise up into their ongoing Inter dimensional Journey.
At this time, we ask you to go within, to feel which is the most compassionate direction, for you and for your Great Mother Earth.

There are those who would have you follow them blindly in their rush to annihilation of other souls in other places, your sisters and brothers, but Remember, Humanity is truly One People!
This is the time to be in a place of Discernment! This is the time to be in Integrity in all that you do and say and think. This is your creation. Will it be the ages old choice of violence and death? Or will it be the choice of loving kindness toward all of Humanity?
There is a new breeze blowing across this World. It is a freshening breeze bringing calmness, and refreshing Peace! Wisdom is dancing in the hearts of Humankind. It has taken awhile but you are almost there. This is your opportunity to be the New Human, the Meta-human!
I wish you to know that we are pleased with the quickening taking place in humanity! The enslavement of your minds and emotions are being freed through your desire for a higher state of consciousness. It is Happening Now! It is happening with every Choice that you make for kindness, love, awareness, and courage while simultaneously putting aside the old way of brutality, self-indulgence and cowardice.
My Dears, you are a great and courageous lot! Many of you have not been tested in order to know this! When you are faced with the unthinkable you will pull together and bring to your Planet a True and Lasting Peace for All who live upon your Earth Mother!
As always, we are with you! Call us and we will be with you instantly! Good Night and Sleep in the Great Mother’s Arms.
Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle September 6, 2013 11:24 pm