Athena Thursday November 15, 2012

You are the Warriors of The Light of a Thousand Suns! You are needed Now! As the energies flowing onto the Earth Mother intensify, your love and Attention to All That you Do and Say is a critical! This period is one in which revelations will flow across your planet in ever increasing and surprising ways that will shock those who are unaware or aware minimally of what vicious, atrocities have been perpetrated in the name of the “Good of the People”.

You are Needed at this time! Your Courage and Strength and Honesty will help to bring about a New Dawn on the Earth Mother. You have agreed to be here at this Time of Transition of the Earth and All of Her Children in All of Her Kingdoms on the Earth!

As the Earth Mother harmonizes with the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Center, so too will All upon her vibrate as a violin string echoing throughout this Galaxy into the Universal Harmony of Oneness!

As each Being overcomes the Self as the Center of its’ Universe and Lives in the Oneness and Compassion of the All That Is, harmonizing with the celestial song of eternal Love, this place that you call Home will Transform into Her Destiny, to become that which you know as an Ascended Planet. This Mother Earth and all of you will travel and teach what You have learned and in this process you will grow beyond your wildest dreams!

There is much ahead for you to grow into! As you ready yourselves for this Great Adventure there will be great discomfort for all must face themselves and what they have run from within and without themselves. There is a Path through which all must journey to the Truth of the Soul in order to find that Light Within! It is there, waiting to be recognized and acted upon!

You Are The Rainbow Warriors! You Are Here To Lead The Way! This is not a time to hide from yourselves! Be Courageous and Face Everything! Forgive Everything! And Stand Tall and say “no” to Oppression, your own Slavery and the Slavery of your Brothers and Sisters in ALL KINGDOMS on the Earth Mother! YOU ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN DO THIS! No one has Authority over a Sovereign Human Being; No One! No Kings, Queens, Premiers, Presidents, No! Stand Tall and lead the Way to Harmony on the Earth Mother!
Mother Earth cannot Wait much longer! The Time is Now! Think on these things Now for the Battle has begun! I Am Athena.

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle Thursday November 15, 2012 11pm