Ashtar – September 20, 2010 

Yes, it is Ashtar here.  It is time for another Book to be published about us by you.  My Message to the World at this time is to help prepare for the Changes that are coming in your lives: in your governments, in your ways of thinking and in the ways that you relate to each other.    We are suggesting  again that those who have books about us, or art or music relating to The Great Change that is coming to put them out for all of the world to see!  Many on your Planet are Ready and Eager to learn of us and the changes that are upon you on your lands, in your countries, in your very souls!  Already, the Wave of Energy of the Ascension process is disturbing many and forcing you to go deeply within and find within the  Core of your Beings those things that no longer can resonate with the deep longing for Oneness in the Light!   This is your Time of Testing!  Everything is changing down to the molecular level and most of all, your Soul is longing for the cloudless Blue Sky of Oneness with The All!   This is a Time for Complete Honesty WITH yourselves!   This is Time for Humility and Courage, for your Journey is Inward, first of all.  Upon  arrival at your destination, there you will have met Yourself; and you will have Changed what needs to be changed and Healed Yourselves.   We urge you to ask for help along the way.  Many on Earth and we, on the Ships are eager to assist, for the Law of One is Universal!  Stay centered, stay focused and Be A Light unto those who are looking for the Light!   By your Example you will all be the Teachers.  Your Calmness, your Integrity, your Compassion will be a Beacon for others to emulate in their lives.  Keep a Light Heart for you are on a Great Adventure To The Stars!    Telepathic Communication   by  Spirit Eagle   September 20, 2010  1:13 am