Ashtar June 4, 2008

This is a message for the “Ground Crew”.  You Know who you are!  Be ready now to take action when called upon!  We are Very Close to Big Changes within the governments of the Earth!   Be in a meditative state as much as possible in order to prepare for the support which you will give to your fellow travelers on the Earth at this time!    I am Ashtar and I call upon you all to Remember Who You Are!    As the Changes approach in every aspect of your societies, you may notice some panic and fear among the people.  It is Your Assignment to calm the people in your communities with reassurance and with information regarding just What is happening.  It is your assignment to be Liaisons in your neighborhoods, in your hometowns, and in your cities.  It is your knowledge that will be needed.   It is your Light that will be needed!  As you suffuse yourselves with Light, Love and Compassion you will be the Light to which others will be drawn.    Stay centered within yourselves and remain peaceful regardless of what is going on at any given moment.  Remember that Humanity is All One Family!   Be the Best Family member that you can be!   Without you, our work would be much harder.  You have grown in Light and in confidence as you have traveled this road with us over these past years.  We are Proud of All of You!   Rainbow Warriors, put on your Rainbow Capes and join the Rainbow Warriors from the Stars in bringing the New World into being!  It is Time NOW!  Be Ready!  Be Joyful!  Use Archangel Michael’s  Sword of Blue Flame to remove the remaining dark remnants of the Old Guard!   Bring the Sword of Truth to All!   Be in Peaceful Anticipation!  It is the Time for that which you have been waiting!  You are at the Threshold of the Final Phase of this Great Cosmic Shift!   We will speak again!   Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle      Wednesday  June 4, 2008  10:06 pm