Tel ex ar and Don a tel – Tuesday July 10, 2007

You are the Night. You are the Day. You are the Sunshine.  You are the Rain. You are One with All that Is.  We are your Sisters and Brothers. We will be having a Very Big Family Reunion upon your Earth Mother in the near future!    We are Tel ex ar and Don a tel and we are on the Dawning Light.  We have come from many, what you call Light Years away from your Solar System, but in truth it is not so far as you think.  Traveling the Space/Time Continuum  is quite different for us.  Time bends; it does not go in a strait line.  You will see and you will understand before too long for we will travel together amongst the Stars!     As you know, you are in a high energy period.  Know that the physical symptoms that you are feeling are just a temporary discomfort.  Your bodies are adjusting to the hightened energy that is flooding your Planet at this time.  Be gentle with yourselves; rest when you need rest.  Be in the Silence.  Be With Self for several periods thoughout the day.  You will weather the Change more easily if you give your bodies time to relax into the changes with the incoming energies.   While your Societies may be in chaos, remember that this is the Birthing of the New Earth and the New You!  Be in your personal Integrity at all times.  You are changing in order to truly LIVE in the Light, All of you!   You have been Laboring and the New You and the Newly Transformed Earth Mother are being born!   Stay in a place of Love and Non-judgement!   Good Night and Rest in the Arms of The Great Mother!   Telepathically Communicated by  Spirit Eagle    Tuesday July 10, 2007 11:54 pm