St. Germain January 27, 2007 

Hello Dear One; yes, it is I, St. Germain   Today we have seen and we have heard the Cry of Freedom across your land!  The Wave of Freedom MUST  be started in your beloved country then it will flow across the Earth Mother!      We were with you in your cities and your small towns this day!  The Bell of Freedom has been rung, NEVER TO STOP until All Peoples Are FREE!   The People have Awakened from their slumbers.  It is The Hour to take up your banners of Sovereignty in the knowingness that YOU Are your Own LEADERS!    No longer as little children led by political parental figures into your old age, you have awakened to your Divine Self and the knowledge that you are FREE!   This day more than any others marks the beginning of the re-introduction of Freedom to the Earth.  This is a NEW BEGINNING!   From This Day Forth the People All Around the Earth  will NOT STOP PROCLAIMING THEIR SOVEREIGNTY UNTIL THEY ARE HEARD!  Justice, Peace, and Freedom WILL be Felt, Heard, and Experienced by All upon the Earth!    Your Will, your Love, your Compassion will manifest all over the world as YOU SHINE YOUR LIGHT UPON EVERY DARK MACHINATION OF THE SHRINKING CABAL!     This is YOUR time to Shine!    And Shine you Will!  Remember that you ARE Ascended Masters!   The Floodgates have OPENED this day on a River, unstoppable in its’ force, flooding the world’s people with strength, courage, determination to Take Their World Back From The Dark!   YOU ARE PROTECTED!!  Good Night Dear Ones and rest well for there is much to do.  There will be little rest from here on in!   Telepathic Communication  by Spirit Eagle  January 27, 2007  9:22 pm