Relay Relay Relay Lireal and Ghondor

Come upon my Mountain! Fly among the Stars! Bathe in the Dew of the
> >Morning Mist of the Golden Dawn! Breathe the AIR OF FREEDOM! Sing the
> >Song of Love! We Are Here Now! You have passed us in your streets. You
> >have smiled and said, “Hello, my friend”!
> >
> > We are your Family from Inner Earth. We are assisting the Galactic
> >Federation in the claiming of your Freedom Forevermore on the Earth.
> >During the end of the Old World, hold fast to all of the New. Center
> >yourselves and be calm and strong in the knowing that you are Already
> >you have wished to be! Good Night! Rest Well for there is much to do!
> > Lireal
> >
> >
> > You have been Busy Bees coping with the Transmuting Energies? It is
> >as it should be! You are getting ready for your Grand Entrance into your
> >New World! You Are Coming Full Circle, Back To You! Many are meeting
> >again, after lifetimes and Ages! There will be a familiararity about one
> >another. You will Know! Dance into the New, and do it with Great Joy and
> >Enthusiasm! We are with you in all that you do! Sleep in the Arms of
> >the Great Mother! Your Old Friend, Ghondor
> >
> > Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle July 25, 2007 12:05 am