Relay Relay Relay – Commander Gorton- 10/24/2021 2:28 AM

Commander Gordon from the Andromeda Galaxy. Yes, Spirit Eagle, it is I Commander Gorton from the Andromeda Galaxy. We have spoken before. We are a large ship observing the Earth from your planetary system. Rest assured, that the Ones who have plagued the Earth for Aeons, for the most part, have been removed from the Planet. Their Minions of partial Earth Heritage are being dealt with as I speak. Many people are confused at this time as to just what is happening on your Planet. Please know that your Star relatives have been here working with your White Knights to rid this beautiful Earth of the darkness that has plagued her and you for Aeons of time. Your Mother, the Earth, wants to ascend and she wants to do it with all of you intact, and ready at this time. The trials and tribulations evidenced at this time are all a part of preparing yourselves for that glorious moment of Ascension into your Destiny.

Do not allow fear to take a hold of you. You are the Earth Warriors who incarnated at this time to be a part of her Glorious Ascension. There are many civilizations in this Galaxy observing all of you and the Earth, assisting in the complexity of the process of opening your eyes to Truth that has never been revealed. Those of the dark entities, those who serve the dark lords, are being removed.  Do not allow Fear to control you. You are being assisted, and have been for many years by your Galactic Sisters and Brothers who are ready to welcome you into our Galactic Family.

We ask that you keep calm and open and aware of your surroundings within and without. Do put your ego aside for it leads to chaos. Many who have worked in the Light are here to assist eachother, as well as all of humanity, as you can. You will meet us very soon and we ask you to remain Calm and Centered. See yourselves as an Umbrella, keeping the heavy rains from drenching humanity. Do remember to be in Peace and Serenity with the knowledge that you hold within your Hearts, that this is truly the beginning of the end of the third dimensional earth, and her rise along with those of humanity who are ready to ascend. We acknowledge that work that many have done to help humanity along to this glorious accomplishment.
Keep steady in your Hearts, minds, and in your emotions. You have been preparing, many of you for a long time, upon your Earth.

Your White Knights, all over the World, have been clearing the Earth of the very Dark, Evil deeds that have taken place upon the Earth, in Secret. DO lend your White Knights the energy of pure Love and of pure Light while they do this Great Cleansing, and rescue of Humanity’s Children, and the animals of the Earth, from the horror of what has been taking place within the Earth. What is being done to them has been done to them within the Earth, under your feet. You must be Strong and lend your Strength of Spirit, of Soul, of Courage to those who are just awakening to this Evil. Bathe yourself in the Light of the Christed One, frequently. Know that you All have help from many Star Nations Right Now.
Call on us, and We are there with you. Be in Peace, Love, Integrity, and Compassion. I bid you Good Night. It is Good to talk to you again, Spirit. Rest well, in the arms of the Great Mother Of All. Commandor Gorton 
Telepathic Communication through Spirit Eagle.
2:28 am 10/24/2021