Lireal: Portal Opening December 3, 2006

Lireal:  You have done a great work today!   We in the Inner Earth Salute you with Much Love for your Courage and Journey through the Underworld of your many lives.  You have chosen well My Dears!  This place is a bastion of Light Energy Now!  Thank You!   You will see and hear of more activity on the Mountain Now.  I am Adama.  Your Light has merged with Ours and with your/our Star Sisters and Brothers.  You Walk with the Power of All Three.    This is Hermes.  You will see Me and Us when you least expect it.  Remember, I am a Jokester, your Heyoka!   Ghondor:  More later; you are All Cold!  Blessings to you Three.  We knew We Could Count on You!  IT IS DONE!  Go get WARM!     Telepathic Communication  by Spirit Eagle    December 3, 2006   2:30-3:00 pm