I am Thasaloni January 11, 2007

Touch the hearts of all with your Love and your Compassion.  Sometimes, we know, it is difficult to watch what seems to be the deterioration of events on your Planet.  Do remind yourselves that this is only temporary.   Send your Love, send your Light to ALL on the Earth.  Those who would destroy and those who follow their orders and those who are in fear of losing their  material “fortunes” are shortly to experience their fears!   Your “news”  that is really the same old lies will shortly reveal more Truth as the Light DOES penetrate All Darkness!   You will see the Evidence of Weather Manipulation in the recent storms and warming trends all over the planet.   You will Know that we, of the Galactic Federation of Light will not tolerate satellites in Space armed with destructive weapons under the cloak of “Spy or Communication” devices.   YOU ARE ALL SOVEREIGN BEINGS!   YOU ARE NO LONGER THE CLUELESS SLAVES of the Controllers.  The game that has been played upon your Planet is over.  It is time to BE IN YOUR OWN  POWER!    We, on the Emerald Light work with those who need emotional healing which of course can be instrumental in healing the body.  You are going through vast changes as the energies flow onto the earth in ever-increasing intensities.  ALL Kingdoms upon your Planet are experiencing this together!   Before you sleep or whenever it is convenient to you, ask for our help in healing and we will either come to you or bring you onto our Ship.  I am Thasaloni and will look forward to our visit!   Good Night!   Expect Healing All Over The Earth Mother! Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle January 11, 2007 8:21pm