I am Tensien Friday  July 20. 2007

Magic is in the air!  What you Speak Now is manifested in the Light immediately!  You have crossed a border in your minds and hearts!  It was a very easy crossing into a crystalline power grid and beyond.     I am Tensien and have had many lifetimes on the Earth Mother, Mother of All who traverse lifetimes of Ages.  Before my time on the Ships I was in Tibet as an Enlightened One.    I have seen many scourges upon this planet and I have seen much beauty in the life of the Soul as it has awakened to the Oneness of the All.    We, who have walked in your footsteps upon the Earth Mother understand how it is with you.  We Rejoice in your Awakening from a long and troubled sleep!   We watch with satisfaction as you have become an Army of Light!  You are bringing that Light to Every corner of the Earth Mother!    Affirm all that is Goodness and Beauty and Joy  in your world.  Be at peace with all for it is you, collectively who are The Emissaries of Light!   Take the time to listen to those who are troubled.  ( there are many who need someone to talk to).  Reassure those who are in fear.  You have all “been there” too!  Give of yourselves in Joy and that Joy will grow and GLOW UPON THIS WORLD!   Hold to your dreams (visualizations) of your future, of your New World!  Be as a mountain in a storm.  A place of safety for all who need your shelter!  We, Ascended Masters are but a thought away.  We walk with you and assist.  Just call upon us when you need assistance!     We Love you and your persistence in your Mission.   You are very near to the end of the duality.  All will be redressed as it should be.    Good Night and Thank The Mother for the life She has given you!   Telepathically Communicated  by  Spirit Eagle    Friday  July 20. 2007   11:33 pm