I am St. Germain July 31, 2007 

Ring the Bell of Freedom!  Ring it Far and Wide!  Listen to it Amplify across the Golden Borders of Humanity’s Heart!   Keep the Joy of Knowing that the Choice Has Been Made! The Banner of Freedom has been picked up and you are going to see that which you have rarely had on Earth before:  Freedom, Joy, Love and Peace blown on a Wind of Oneness!   I am St. Germain and I greet you in the Light of the Christed Ones!   You, who have walked this Path of Freedom have done this before!  Does it feel familiar to you?   You have all come together before when the evolution of humanity was at stake through many upheavals and changes in your evolutionary patterns.  You are the ones who have taken up the Banner of Freedom and placed humanity’s feet upon the good road.  Are you feeling as though you have been here before?  Well, you Have!     This is the foretold time.  This is when you finally Do It!  You have thought that you were finished before, but those times were only the evolutionary progression of the growth of humanity.  THIS work that you are doing now, is the Culmination of ALL of those periods when you, the Rainbow Warriors of the Light led the world to the next evolutionary step.  Here You Are, Dear Ones, RISING to the Challenge again, for the Final Time! !   As you say, “stay the course”!   BE IN NEUTRALITY!   BE THE EMBODIMENT OF LOVE and Compassion!   We Walk With You!    You are Greatly Loved!   Telepathic Communication   by  Spirit Eagle  July 31, 2007  11:05 pm