I am St. Germain. August 16, 2007 

Ho Ho!  You heard the call My Dear!  Yes!   There is great movement going on right Now!  It is time to gird yourselves in the fragrance of forgiveness and compassion!  There is much that will be forthcoming on the airwaves and you may be hard put to keep in your center.   Much that is being revealed has been whispered in the Halls of your Congress and much has been flying through the airwaves of your Internet!  Just remember that you are Ascended Masters and you will Keep in NEUTRALITY!     You have been Pillars of Light upon Your World!   We could not have accomplished what we have done without your Light, your Determination and your Perseverance!   We ask you at this time to be at Peace within   and with all of Creation!   All is as it should be!   The outworking of the Divine Plan is, as always, Perfect!   As you know, I am Ghondor, from the Pleiades.    I bid you Adieu!     I have walked the paths that you tread.   I have cried the tears that you shed.   I have sung the songs of Joy that you sing!   We are Sisters and Brothers of the Light!   We, the Ascended Masters Know what you are Feeling because we have felt as you do.  We have known what it is to love, and to grieve, and to walk through the days of remembering as you are doing now!   I am St. Germain.  We have smelled the sweet fragrance of a flower on a summer’s day, and felt the rain in our faces and the breezes that bring the promise of Spring.  We Know What it is to live as you do!   Just remember that you are at the very end of this Duality!  It won’t be long now!    Watch your skies now!  The Ships of the Federation will be more visible now with many daylight sightings.  Take Heart!  No matter what you may hear to the contrary, the Plan is Outworking as it is meant to be!   We ask that you plumb the depths of your Being and stand tall as a Warrior of Light!   You ARE who you’ve been waiting for and we are Proud to call you our Sisters and our Brothers!   Rest in the Arms of the Great Mother This Night!   Hermes here, my Dear!  Just a note to say to remember to Play!  When you are in playfulness, you are preparing your whole Being for the New World that you are creating with your thoughts and with your Feelings.  Take time to laugh, and to be like a child in the Sweetness of Youth!  You are All our Beloveds!   Do you want a world that is filled with Joy?  Then BE IN JOY NOW!   You are well-pleased with your Playmate now?  Ho!  Yes!  We shall send playmates to all of you!   We Love you All and we shall see you in your streets before too long.  Good Night Dear Sisters and Brothers!     Telepathic Communication   by   Spirit Eagle   Thursday  August 16, 2007  10:13 pm