I am Robert. January 13, 2007

I am Robert.  I am a Warrior of the Light.  I have been working with those of you who have been focusing your Light energies on bringing The New Dawn to the Earth Mother.  There are many in the unseen realms who are working alongside of you now.  When you Focus, we focus along with you.  When you Intend we Intend with you.  When you visualize a New Earth we visualize with you.  When you send Love and FEEL compassion for all, we are sending love and Feeling compassion with you!   There are a host of Beings who are working with you and enhancing your efforts at this time.  Those who have left the earth plane (crossed over) are working with you also.    You are in momentous times!  Keep doing what your heart tells you!  Be the best that you can be in everything you do and people will draw near.  Your Light will shine as a beacon for all to see and find the Path to the New Earth.   Use the Sword of Michael, Excalibur.  With its’ Electric Blue Flame bring the Truth to all corners of the Earth!   The People will wake up from their long sleep of forgetfulness!   It is written in the Stars that YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED!  Your New Earth is a Moment away.   Our Rainbow of Light has come full circle now!   We are One NOW!   Telepathic Communication  by  Spirit Eagle  January 13, 2007   7:36 pm