I Am Quan- tul. January 25, 2007 

Our Planet is inter-dimensionally at the far side of the Milky way Galaxy.  We are  not normally seen in your dimensional reality.   Our Planet consists of an Aquamarine Crystal Core.  We have been through the Ascension Process that you are beginning.   We are here in your time and space to assist you on this Path toward Continuing Perfection.    This is a Glorious Culmination of a Planet and Her people’s Journey Back to The Stars!  It is lovely to see all of the Light as the Earth Mother of All vibrates and pulses with Love and Joy in the awakening of her People.    Her Journey has been long and rough.  The time for the New is upon you!   Believe it!   You have carried the Torch of Freedom and The Promise of the Earth as a Beacon for All of Life in all of the Universes!     The Journey towards Ascension is a long one.  The Journey of Forgetfulness has brought you far.  Now  is the Awakening!  Your Journey of Forgetfulness is over.  Your New Journey of Remembering has begun!   You have come so far!   KNOW that you Can and Will Do WHATEVER it takes to Walk Among The Stars!   YOU ARE REMEMBERING JUST WHO YOU ARE!  Sisters and Brothers We Walk WITH YOU!    I Am Quan- tul.    Telepathic Communication  by  Spirit Eagle    Thursday January 25, 2007  8:39 pm