I Am Mektuse September 26, 2007

The Healing that you seek Will happen!  There is much in need of Healing on your Planet.  The Consciousness of the people has contributed to much of the devastation and illnesses on the Earth Mother.   As the energies coming to the Earth right now are constantly being raised they are enhancing (it may feel more like forcing) all to deal with the false beliefs which have followed you lifetime after lifetime.   Beliefs about and IN illnesses and death’s inevitability are just two.    You were originally given a Paradise and now Your Earth Mother is struggling to heal from the Consciousness that has harmed her Pristine Beauty.  She loves you as a Mother and wishes for you all to join her in her Ascension!   The emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual cleansing that is sweeping the Earth is preparatory to your Ascension with her!  THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS!  The muck and the mire of your minds, of your emotions must be faced with courage and compassion for yourselves, but face it you Must!    We, your family from the stars are merely a thought away!  We walk with you unseen and sometimes we walk in the full flower of ourselves where you Can See us!   We, many of us, look like you for you are our Family!    As time is collapsing upon itself, your healing processes will take less time than you may have anticipated.  This is how it is at this time.    We ask you to hold your Vision for your world and how you wish it to be within the next three months.  Your Vision, your Thoughts will create the World and the Society in which you wish to find yourselves!    THIS IS A TIME FOR RENEWED FOCUS!  THIS IS A TIME FOR YOUR VISION OF ONE WORLD UNITED AS A FAMILY OF LOVE!   THIS IS THE TIME THAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!  IT IS HERE!  IT IS NOW!        I Am Mektuse and I say:  Redouble your Efforts, Shine your Vision for Your Future Across the World!   FLOOD THE EARTH WITH YOUR LOVE!   It is the Only Way!     And we, your Star Sisters and Brothers will greet you in the New Dawn of the Everlasting DAY!   Telepathic Communication  by  Spirit Eagle   September 26, 2007  9:09 pm