I am Ker ton tec August 26, 2007

I am Ker ton tec.  I’m on the Ship, The Blue Star.  I am a Paschat Warrior one of Mother Sekhmet’s Warriors.   Tonight I wish  to tell you that Magic is Afoot!   There is much activity, much work being done around your Planet to bring the changes that you await.   Your “White Knights” are going hither and yon about the Earth in preparation for the changes that will burst upon your Earth and into your homes and hearts in the very near-future.  There is much that is not shown on your television screens that is happening in the business, the financial, the legal, and in the political spheres.  As always, we are guided by the Divine “Right Moment” to the culmination of thousands of years of slavery, (in every way imaginable) on your Planet.   We, and almost the whole Galaxy are awaiting your Entrance into the Galactic Federation of Light as our 33rd Planet.    We remind you this night to be in Joy NOW, for the fulfillment of your fondest wishes through many lifetimes are about to be fulfilled!   Be ready to fulfill your preferred roles in the Great Changeover!   You, the Lightbearers, Hold The Torch of Freedom High Now!  This is your destiny!  You will know where you are to be.  Your work has Just Begun!   We remind you to rest when needed and likewise to stretch when needed and to take time in Nature when she calls you.  Watch our Sisters and Brothers, the Felines upon your Planet to develope  an appreciation of Life and all of its’ pleasures.    Mother Sekhmet wishes you to know that the Time is comparatively short now for the Great Armada’s entrance onto your Earth!  This is the foretold time!  This is the time for Great Courage, for Great Strength of Character, and for Great Compassion For ALL!   We are going about our appointed tasks with great diligence.  We wish you to know that yours is to “hold the Space” for the outworking of the Divine Plan upon your World Now.  Walk  in the Knowingness that you are Greatly Loved and honored for your strength, courage, and steadfastness!   Rest when you need to and sleep this night in the Arms of the Great Mother.   Telepathic Communication  by  Spirit Eagle   Sunday August 26, 2007  10:37 pm