I am Jonkell and I am Bahtmat. September 3, 2007

I am Jonkell and I am Bahtmat.  We are on the Androdaise.  As you can see, our physical aspects indicate that we hail from different Planetary Systems.   We, on the Androdaise, hail from many places.  We work together as a unified body of Scientists.     We are monitoring your planet and her inhabitants.  Our crew is comprised of scientists and specialists in many fields that are pertinent to this Mission.  We have Medical Teams who monitor all life on the Earth.  We have Spiritual Doctors who work with the souls of all inhabitants, particularly in Dreamtime.  We also have those who are versed in the biology of the Earth Herself and all of her components (systems).   Much of the discomfort in your bodies is due, as you know to the increased energies that are radiating to the Earth from the Great Central Sun.  This is a temporary inconvenience that will bear great fruit for all.  These energies are affecting the Earth’s Magnetic Field and your bodies are adjusting to these changes.  This process will speed up the  change from carbon-based to crystalline -based bodies.   This is all a part of the Ascension process.    We recommend that you Listen to your bodies!  Rest when needed, sleep when you can, and eat what your body craves.  With the exception of what you call “junk foods”, (and they ARE) your body will tell you what to eat and how much is needed by it.  We want you to know that you are doing an admirable job in your enthusiasm and courage in working with us!  What is coming, could not have happened without your willingness to participate in the Birthing of the New Earth, the New Love upon your Earth Mother!  We are with you all and as always, call us in and we will communicate when needed.  Good Night!  See you All on the Bridge SOON!       Telepathic Communication   by   Spirit Eagle   Monday September 3, 2007  11:50 pm