I am Hermes. January 15, 2007 

Trust your intuition!  You are on the correct path.  A little bumpy; is it not?  You are currently flying as arrows strait into the Light of a New World.  Do not allow yourselves to get bogged down in the mire of the manufactured news that is designed to lead you to the conclusions your Controllers wish you to make.   I am Hermes.  I wish you to know that those who are guided to particular pursuits in the Service of the Light are fulfilling a long-awaited commitment to bring the Earth Mother and all upon her into a New Destiny as a Planetary University.  Classes have begun!   Does it feel like school yet?  HO HO!  I hear a collective groan!    You have been the students; NOW you will be the teachers!  Does that feel better?   Good!!!   (I Did hear those expletives!)   If you feel guided to meditate upon a rock and be at one with Every Being on the Planet, then do so!  If you are drawn to a lake or the ocean to send waves of Love and Truth with every wave that breaks upon the shore, then do so!  If you feel drawn to sit upon a bench at a bus stop in the city and Beam Love and Protection to everyone in your radius and beyond, then do so!  If you are guided to send messages of Peace and Harmony from deep within a quiet wood, then do so.  If The Mountain calls you then go upon her and shout the Good News of FREEDOM FOR ALL OF HUMANKIND!   Calm the discordant energies.  Replace them with absolute knowingness that The Goddess Has Arrived with a New Way for humankind and all of the Earth Kingdoms to live together in Harmony and Joy!   I expect you to be busy little bees!   I Will be there with you!   The weariness of millennia is weighing some of you down.   We suggest, at this time,  that you engage in some of the pursuits that give you pleasure.   “All Work and No Play” does not energize; it can be draining to not step back and remember that life is a journey.  We will get to the end of that soon enough, but it is The Journey and How you Traverse it that means Everything!   So, my friends: Take a Break when you are tired or discouraged.  Then go back to your more serious pursuits.   That brings me to another observation:  Lighten Up!  Even as you go about your Energy Work, your Political Work and your Daily Work (do you call it a “Grind”?), be humorous, be happy, be a light unto this World and in this Work).   I will be with you when you call me.  I may even be with you when you don’t call me.  I may even appear in physical form when you call me!   Oh, that surely will get your attention for I am very big by your physical standards!  HO, HO.  That is something to look forward to!
Good Evening to All !   You Are GREATLY LOVED!   Telepathic  Communication by Spirit Eagle  Monday, January 15, 2007  8:31 pm