I am Her-os. Sunday January 7,2007

I am Her-os.  I am of the Galactic Federation of Light, as you term us.  I have had duties  in the Halls of Power on your Planet.   I am one on the ground who is negotiating a peaceful transition from the dark control of your enslavers to a New Society based upon Love, Compassion and Justice for Humanity and All Beings on the Earth.   There has been much duplicitous behavior in some.  That has been a problem in the past.  We have learned valuable lessons in dealing with the humans who have been in power.  The word has gone out that The Time Is Up!   It is clear that the People of the Earth want an end to the daily suffering and privations that their sisters and brothers in all Kingdoms of Mother Earth’s progeny are experiencing.    Free Will Choice Has Been Made!   Remember, that you all are Active Participants in the Changes that you have awaited.    You are Co-Creators of your New Reality!   This is Not being done FOR you; it is being done WITH you!   Humans have taken orders (albeit unconsciously) from your Controllers for Lifetimes and because of this,  it has been a leap for you to Really Understand the power that resides in you.     You have been told that you are Awakening Ascended Masters.  What does it take to Awake to your Full Mastership?  Your Decision to drop the little persona and to stand in your Power of Mastership!  YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS!   SEEK WITHIN!     Up until this point in Time you have been guided in Awakening.  NOW IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO DROP THE “little me”.   Walk into your new life of awareness and strength as Beings who Know that you can do all things that you want to do!   It is Your New World.  How do you want it to be?  WHEN do you want it to be?   Your Spiritual Adolescence is over!   The Human Family of Earth will become a new member of the Galactic Federation of Light.  We are Equals!   Let go of the Little Child image.  We will meet as equals.  It is time for another way of living on your Mother, the Earth.  I await your answer.   Telepathic Communication  by Spirit Eagle   Sunday January 7,2007  8:49 pm