I am Chronos.  August 8, 2006

I realized that a little explanation is needed regarding the second and third paragraphs of this message.  The Paschat Warrior who typed the word “tour” and the numbers and letter “t” is my cat!    I’m used to referring to him as a Paschat.  The  Paschats are Mother Sekhmet’s Warriors.  They are part humanoid and part Cat as Sekhmet is.   While I was typing the message he was very restless and talking (meowing) to me.  He jumped up on the table next to my desk, walked onto the desk and proceeded to walk across my keyboard, turn around and walk back across it!  What he had written was: “tour45356tttttt”!   After he “typed” his contribution to the message he was fine and went to bed!    So, Chronos was referring to our cat companions when he said they are very wise and that we should listen to them when they communicate!   I have heard that a very long time ago the Cat People came from the Stars to teach humanity how to live.   When they left the Earth they left us their sisters and brothers, the Cats so that we would never forget what they taught us!     Think about it!  Cats take many naps; they sleep when they are tired.  When they wake up they stretch their bodies.  They usually don’t overeat.  They are graceful.  Cats have boundaries!  If they don’t want to play they will let you know in no uncertain terms!   They don’t worry about possible hurt feelings.   When cats want affection they let you know that too!   They don’t sit around waiting for you to stroke them and hug them.  In other words, they take care of their NEEDS.   They are extremely affectionate, sweet and very loving.  They are tough and can survive on their own if need be.  Of course the Big Cats do well living in the so-called “wild”.   Cats are Very Aware of their surroundings and will play with almost anything.  They are very curious yet very cautious in investigating new things.   So, we are STILL learning from them!     Blessings,   Spirit Eagle         I am Chronos.  When our ships display in unusual patterns such as the Diamond it is a message to open yourselves up to our communications with you.  We have specific instructions for assignments to be imparted to our ground crew.  And make no mistake,  YOU ARE THE GROUND CREW of the Glactic Federation ol Light!    You will begin to discern when  we have an assignment for you and one of the ways is to watch our ships in the skies of your world.  Sometimes we let you know by our acrobatics and pulsing lights that we will meet for instruction in your Dreamtime.   There is nothing to fear in this as you have All been on our ships many times over the years.  You are familiar with them.   You are our sisters and brothers in Light and we value your input on (tour45356tttttt …. my  Paschat Warrior just typed this numerical sequence) our Ships.    Yes, there IS relavance to his message. Yes, it does relate to the tours you all have experienced on the ships.   DO listen to Mother Sekhmet’s children when they communicate!  They are very wise!   It is Time to put on the garb of the Warrior!  It is Time to place yourselves at the forefront of what is happening on your world!  It is Time to raise up your Swords of Truth and of Light!  It is Time to place your LOVE at the forefront of your existence!  It is Time to Live as the Rainbow Warriors of Peace!   We truly NEED you!  You are doing the work on the ground preparing the way for a smooth transition for all of your sisters and brothers of all of the Kingdoms on Dear Mother Earth.  We ask you to be Courageous, to be Strong in the Light and to listen Within for the Clarion Call to Action!    Share ALL of the Love and the Light within your Being with all.  This is what is changing your world.  It is the Only way!   Look to the skies and we will show ourselves to you!    As always, we love you and look forward to the day when you awaken to your Greatness of Being and understand for yourselves that you are truly Ascended Masters!     Telepathically Communicated  by Spirit Eagle August 8, 2006  10:57 pm