I am Ashtar. July 3, 2007 

You are the Bringers of the Dawn.  You are the Light that illumines the Earth Mother!  You are the Bearers of the Torch of Freedom!   You are the Whispering Wind of Truth blowing across the Earth Mother.  You are the Lightning of Revelations sparking through the minds of humanity.   You are the Thunder that cracks the egg of secrecy upon your World.  You are the Healing rains of Love that quench the thirst of Humanity.    Know that it is time now, more than ever to Live your lives in Integrity.  THAT is being true to yourselves and your missions on Earth.  Step outside of yourselves!  Bring your compassion and love to everything that you do.  You Are right now, shifting from the old ways to the new ways of expressing on this beautiful Planet.   We are at your side as you go through your days.  You are not alone!  We are the Galactic Federation of Light and I am Ashtar.   Go about your day with a Song in you Heart and you will bring a melody of love and joy to all.  Blessings to All Life upon the Earth Mother!   Telepathic Communication by  Spirit Eagle  July 3, 2007  12:16 pm