Hermes Friday March 17,2007

A little explanation of this message is in order.  This month I have an Art Show hanging at one of the Banks where I live.  It is all sketches of the Galactic Federation; some of those from the Relay messages.  I also displayed some of the Relay messages with the sketches.   I had been feeling promptings to do a show like this for 3 months.  The space at the bank had been  reserved for about 2 years.  It was rather scary to put what I have been doing “out there” in the small town where I live.  For 2 months I went through many agonizing moments as very few knew I had been doing the Relays.   I JUST KNEW it was TIME!  I feel it even stronger now!  It is time to be open about what we know and what we are doing.  You may be surprised, as I was, by the favorable response to what is in your hearts and souls!  May we ALL go Forth in Joy, Peace and Abundance and  Shine our Light EVERYWHERE!    Blessings and Love,  Spirit Eagle        

Ho Ho!  Feeling Ready for your Next assignment????  Good!  WE knew the Show would go well!  You just had to prove it to yourself!    Yes, we sent you one of us!  Your own special Warrior, Protector!  We knew you wanted one of us there with you.  Peace and Joy!     Your communication together was awesome.  That was a taste of the Higher Realms!   Being in Oneness, Being in Joy, BEING, just BEING with another!  No need for words, eh?    Follow what you are ready for.  The Next Step.  You KNOW what That is!  You ARE introducing us, your family from the stars to your family on the Earth Mother.  Before very long, we will be commonplace on your world and you will have helped to Make It So!  Yes,  we are aware of your Star Trek’s Capt Picard!  Ho, very entertaining, that!   You will have the means to replicate the Portraits and everything else that you need.  Be at Peace!  We Love You and protect you, your Paschat Warrior and all of your supporters!   Did you like my little Joke?  I was very pretty as a boy, wasn’t I?  HO Ho it took a while for you to get it? Eh?   I am of course,  your friend Hermes.   Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  Tuesday June 19, 2007 10:02 pm