Archangel Michael   September 21, 2006

I am that I am.  I am Archangel Michael come to speak to you of the Sword of Truth:Excalibur.  In the ancient tales of King Arthur that your people call a Legend Ex caliber held a position of honor.  The Sword was a metaphor for the Truth of your Divinity.  It was a teaching to open the minds and hearts of humankind to their Nobility of Soul, to their Courage, to their Highest Ideals of Love and Truth and to their Ideal Society which was Camelot.    The Sword Excalibur was given back to the Lady of the Lake to be retrieved in a future time when it would be needed and received into the hands of a worthy leader. That time is NOW!    YOU are ALL, collectively, that Worthy Leader!  You have received the Sword EXCALIBUR!  It is YOURS to use to bring a NEW CAMELOT to Earth, a truly New World, the Ideal of all of your dreams for a society that is built upon Love, Caring, Beauty, FREEDOM and Personal Sovereignty.    Yours is the honor to wield Excalibur.  Yours is the honor to Blaze the Sword of Blue Fire, to Transmute the old ways into the new, to create a world that Humankind has dreamed of through the sands of time.   Take my Sword NOW and Wield it in integrity!  Use it constantly to Transmute this Age of Darkness into the Age Of Light!    Use the Sword of Truth NOW!  Blaze its’ Electric Blue Fire on the Peoples of Earth so that they will awake from their dark dreams and Know and Speak the Truth at last!   It Is Done!   And So It Is!   Telepathic Communication  by  Spirit Eagle   September 21, 2006  10:31 pm