Traiygil 12/12/2005

I am Traiygil of the Galactic Federation of Light.  I am on a ship within your vicinity.  It is the Heleiapolis.   We are a unified but mixed group from many places in the Universe.   We have been working to clear the energetic fields of electromagnetic contaminations in your area which are affecting humans, animals and all plant life.  

As you have guessed,  the recent changes to the antenna array on your mountain have a larger and more sinister purpose than mere transmission of radio and microwaves for civilian purposes.   There will be relief for all of you as we go about our work.  We had expected to be able to de-activate these devices when we openly landed.  A decision was made recently to counteract the negative effects of these signals without completely shutting the transmitters down.  As the expected Open Contact has been delayed it was imperative that the populace be given relief from these deadly emanations.  The Sensitives among you have been particularly affected. 

We are aware of your concerns and that is why we sent an Emissary to you today.  Yes, he is At-Mun and he Did hear your concerns.    Don’t ever believe Dear Sister that we are unavailable to you.  We are a breath away from our Dear Sisters and Brothers.   We respond to you all as you are all of our family!   We love you and are ever vigilant on your behalf.   We ask that you all communicate with us!  We are ever waiting for that call!    Our Love is with you and our Work is done with great joy on your behalf. 

You will begin to feel a lessoning of the interference as we continue our work on your mountain.   This work, by the way, is being done world-wide Before Open Contact in order to alleviate the stresses on the earth and on all of her kingdoms.   Good Night Dear Sister and rest easy in your slumbers.  All is Well!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  December 12, 2005  11:20 PM

Addendum:  I was walking into town today and was in a crummy mood and quite stressed.   A man was walking the other way and gave me a Big “Hello”.  He was in a blue jacket and blue pants.  He was quite tall and had black curly  hair and looked human but his mouth was rather wide.   I said “Hello” and kept walking a few more steps.  My immediate thought was he’s an ET!   I turned around and he had disappeared!   There was no where that he could have walked or even run to in that short space of time.  I really wanted to talk to him but he didn’t re-materialize.  This message from Traigil answered a great deal for me.