Tensienne  7/4/2005

We are here assisting you in re-claiming your Freedom!   We have come from all over the Galaxy to assist you and your dear Planet in raising your frequencies in order for your Mother Earth to take her destined place among the stars!   For those of you in what was called “the New World”  (not so new, except to those across the seas)  you are celebrating with much noise, jolly companions, food and drink, the commemoration of your Independence.   It is good to be jolly as long as you are aware that Freedom is a precious gift that you must treasure and cultivate with courage and audacity for there are those who have enslaved you before and are doing so now. 

Take this day, and make a promise to yourselves that you do hereby Claim your Soveriegnty!   Bring forth your courage to stand in your Truth, be a Light unto this world!  Speak for your sisters and brothers who have less  than you do.   Speak for All living Beings on your Planet..   And speak for your Mother, the Earth.   Stand up and declare your intention to be in your Integrity, in your Truth  The People of the world are watching you, who are celebrating this Day!   The people of the world are waiting for the New Founding Mothers and Founding Fathers to wake from their slumbers and to stand forth with Fortitude and Courage and Light!  

Take up the Sword of Truth and Light!  Take up the Cup of Love and Compassion!   Take up the Chalice of Forgiveness and Peace.  You Are All on the very threshold of True Freedom and that is something you haven’t experienced since you first came to your planet. 

All people on your world are fighting this battle with you.   You don’t need swords; you don’t need guns but you do need Courage to stand in your Integrity! 

We are already on the ground, not always visible, though.   We are the Warriors of Light, we are the Rainbow Warriors.   We do battle using Light.    We are similar to your Lawyers and Anthropologists and Pychologists but on a galactic level.  

I am Tensienne   Many are here with me in this transmission.  Our ship is the Crystal Isle.  It Is on the ground now.    You will continue your nightly visits to the ships until further notice.  This will smooth the transition for all of you when you are called to Active duty.  Remember to take that snooze when you can!    Good Night and sleep in the arms of the Great Mother!

Telepathically communicated by Spirit Eagle  July 4, 2005   2AM