Solarier 8/31/2005

We are coming in numbers almost beyond your comprehension   Your people have been lulled into complacency regarding the truth of the environmental devastation on your planet.   Microbes have mutated in order to keep pace with the ever-changing chemical soup that is brewing.   Many microbes are thriving in this toxic mix in which you and all life on Mother Earth are breathing, eating, treading, and bathing.

In member societies within the Galactic Federation of Light this could not happen.  We are under the Great Law of One.  “When One is Harmed, All Are Harmed, When One is Helped All Are Helped”.  :  We do not presume foreknowledge of one another’s soul contracts.   We have instituted societies in which each Sovereign Being is encouraged in their very best outworking of creativity in  their lives and in whatever form they may choose for themselves.  All life- forms on our planets are included in this contract.

I am Solarier and I am on the Starship Ka ta tec.    We are involved in guiding the formation of your new governments in preparation for your entrance into the Galactic Federation of Light.  And in that guidance  you will truly know that YOU the people Are your governments!    You will finally understand the great power for Creation that you all have.    You will wake up to your Ascended Mastership… will remember your own power again!  

Many of us on the Ka ta tec are similar to lawyers on your planet.   HO HO no jokes!    We are steeped in knowledge beyond  mere governance.   Ours are truly free, open, and fair societies based upon the betterment of all.   We have been nudging those on your planet who are helping to bring in your new Galactic Inspired governments.   We ask you to remember Who you are and to keep that knowledge in the forefront of your days.   USE YOUR Soul Power.

Do not give your power away!  You ARE Ascended Masters!    Blessed Day!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle   August 31, 2005    10:39  AM