Silver Light 7/19/2005

We are from the Living Waters.   We are from a water planet.  We know that this may be strange to you but for us it is what we have always known. You are composed of mostly Water and yet you can’t breathe in the water as we do.  At first that was a strange concept to some of us.    We are here on this mission to help in the clean-up of your  Precious Waters. 

You are puzzling to us.  Your Wonderful Mother Planet is composed mostly of water and yet you contaminate her waters with all of the refuse of your industrialized societies.   We have wondered how it is that you are able to ignore the fact that  what you do to your Mother Planet, you do to yourselves and to your children and your grandbabies.  You and your Earth are in need of our ministrations.   The Earth had passed the point of no return several years ago, however it has been decreed that she will have help in her clean-up and Ascension process and you will go along on her coattails, as you would say, if you choose to do so.  

Ah, lucky humans!   We will need your assistance too.   You have fouled the Earth but you will participate in her healing and your own as well!    We are looking forward to connecting with all of you and we have much to discuss.

In your language the name of our ship is Dolphin Blue and I am Silver Light.  We are similar to the Dolphins on your world.   We were distressed when we first learned how your Navies are exploiting the Dolphins of your World!   This will Stop!  It is very upsetting to the Dolphins to be used to harm others.   Your World’s Navies have contributed a very large portion of the toxic pollution in your Oceans!  

WE ARE HERE!   And we have begun the clean-up of your oceans.   We, too, await Open Contact so that we can work in  openly AND with you! 

 Before we bid you good night we wish to tell you how You can help to heal the waters of the world.  Bless every drop of water you use for bathing and cooking and nourishing plants and trees.  Bless your body and its’ water composition!   Go to your oceans and lakes and trickling brooks and to your waterfalls and Send Them Love, Bless Them!   You are healers too!  You Are Who You Have Been Waiting For!

Swim with us Dear People in the Waters of Life, and Love and the Joy of Creation!  We are your sisters and brothers flowing with the currents of compassion into Forever!

Telepathically Communicated by Spirit Eagle July 19, 2005  1:03 AM