Relay Relay Relay: Rose and Ade 5/17/205

 I take your hand sister, as we walk through gardens of fragrant flowers, through glistening fields and majestic forests on  your newly transformed Mother Gaia.  Your heart is filled with peace and wonderment at the clear blue of your sky, the fragrance of the grass, the enfoldment of the trees.   Your heart sings with the winged ones and you marvel at the many hued butterflies who alight on our shoulders, hands, and heads!  Your heart sings with wonderment at this new earth that is yours.   Your body feels light and at onement with your world.  This is the place of your future.   The messy business that is unfolding in the Halls of Congress is the beginning of what must be done in order to transition to  your newly transformed Mother Earth. 

We are Rose and Ade of the starship Rosiecross.   We are on the clean-up crew for this mission.  We will be helping to clean the soils, the air, and will have a part in restoring your forests to their pristine health.   We are scientists in the biological  field.   We specialize in field work and have been landing in various parts of your planet for years.  We have taken samples, of your flora and waters in order to determine the extent of the problems on you planet and the course to be taken in  order to ameliorate the many problems extant on the earth.  

We have had a few close calls with your military as well as some startled citizens of your countries.   We are curious about you; we have  watched what you might call a historical retrospective of Earth.    We have studied humanity and know that you have been lied to and controlled for milennia and that is some of the reason Mother Gaia is suffering today (along with all life on Earth)

We encourage all of you to take a visual trip to the New Mother Earth we will be creating together.   Visualize her healing, visualize the healing of ALL life upon her (and include yourselves) as vibrantly healthy and joyful!   Vision the healing now and it will be so.  “As Above, So Below” !    Shortly we will begin our work upon your Earth and we ask you to step into the future  with your sisters and brothers from the stars   We are children of the same Mother/Father no matter how different we may look from one another!   It’s just a matter of genes afterall !!!    We are asking you to step forward to heal your world and we will assist you with our Mind power and our technological capabilities.   We are ready!   Are you ready?    We are asking you all to Report For Duty and together we will make the Earth pristine again !!!   Love and respict your mother and sleep in the arms of the Goddess!  Good Night  And Peaceful Days Ahead !

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle  June 17,05   1:00 am