Relay Relay Relay: Ghondor and Lady Mirrah 6/23/2005

You have some questions tonight Little One.   I am Ghondor of the Galactic Federation of Light and my ship is the Telstar.   Now that we have the introductions out of the way let me assure you that the plans are proceeding to their inevitable happy conclusion.   You will see that which you have been waiting for in a grand burst of Energy and Light.   

We,  your family from the Pleiades have been with you on velvet nights when you walked beneath the stars dreaming of faraway places, looking to your sky and wondering who was “out there”.   Now you are learning the answer to that question!    So many relatives to greet! 

Stay open to the new opprtunities that are coming your way.  Many of you have long–standing dreams that are about to be fulfilled!   Believe the synchronisities that will begin to come into your lives.  They will herald the opportunities that await your recognition to fulfill your visions for the future of your beautiful Mother Earth and for  you.  

Take pleasure in all that surrounds you!  Look into a baby’s eyes and see the galaxies of Love in all its’ beauty and acceptance!   Lie on the grass and see through the shadows of leaves into the blue of your sky.  Listen to the stories  rocks   have   to tell you!    Dream the Dreams of a youth, those starry, possibility- filled flights into the future of your making.   Take the time to dream your dreams of the world as you want it to be, for it is  in  the Dreaming that Heaven meets Earth and flowers your new Creation.    As Above So Below!

 Someone on the ship wishes to speak.   Lady Mirrah    Good Morning Dear One!   I want you all to remember that the Earth and all upon her will heal in, and through the energy of the Goddess.   Your Earth’s condition reflects what has happened to the Feminie in your lives.   The balance of the Mother will be restored along with the balance of the Feminine/Masculine Principles in your lives.   Your modern cultures have tried to erase the power of the Feminine and have subjugated the female in your societies.   Even your Languages reflect the bias of millennia!    Healing requires balance and so it will be.  We will work with you and assist in this.   As your eyes open to the balancing of your own female/male  energies you will understand the balance created for the earth as mirroring your own attitudes.   We are happy for this opportunity to speak to all of you.  Sleep in the Arms of the Great Mother!

Telepathically Communicated  Through   Spirit Eagle June 23, 2005  1:30 am