Relay Relay Relay: Ghondor 4/14/2005

This is Ghondor Little One.  It has been a very long time since we have spoken!  We are pleased that you have come back to Trust again.   This is the time in your days when all are needed for the work that is ongoing and which will be picking up momentum.  It will be like your speeding trains…  hang onto your hats!    Your Soul Families will come together for this next phase of the Plan.  You will find you niche, you will find your heart’s desires and the fulfillment of such.    We will not say to be patient; it is not necessary for it is but a moment away.    In the stillness of your night when you go outside and look for your family from the stars and acknowledge us, we hear you and we love you all.  

We are in Awe of what you are doing to raise Mother Earth and yourselves to the higher dimensions.  You have learned well!  You must stop in your tracks, Right Now and pat yourselves on the back for a job well done!

You are HOME now with your family from the stars.  We have done much work together especially at night when you finally go to sleep!  Do you wonder why when you wake up in the morning it seems as if you haven’t slept a wink?  You have been with us helping in other parts of your world.  You see, we are truly Comrades in Light and we do together what must be done now!    We will let you know when we decide where on your island we will land.    You are the Force and the Force is with you!  Good Night Dear One!