Quatonol 7/14/2005

I am Quatonol and I am from your future of your planet.   I have journeyed back in time to participate in this Grand Experiment.  Yes, the Transition has been successfully made and we are living on the New Earth!    Your achievements have been recognized and honored.   This period  of Earth’s Herstory is looked back upon as one of the darkests periods of many Dark Ages in our planet’s sojourne! 

It is also remembered for the rapid advancement of the Light in a very short period of time.   The wisdom gained from the process and the steps leading to your Ascension into the Light and Earth’s Ascension is recognized and honored in your future.   We have much to thank you for!  And you have much to thank yourselves for!

We have purified our Dear Mother the Earth and we thank you for your participation in that (which you will shortly experience)   There is no longer warring on the Earth.  .War is a barbarism that is no longer in humanity’s consciousness.   We live in harmony and mutual respect with all life on and in the  Earth and in the Universes.   

We have rejoined our family who lives within the Earth.   They are our elder sisters and brothers who have helped us to remember how to live in Oneness with All and All That Is.  They were an important factor in the acceptance of the rapid changes which came to your society after Contact with our Galactic Family.

I am pleased to be here now and to experience the wonders of this time with you!   We, your sisters and brothers from your future salute you!   Our ship is the Terra Nova and we await with great anticipation our Open Contact with all of you.   We thank you and will see you in the blink of an eye! 

Telepathically Communicated By Spirit Eagle  July 14, 2005  1:50 AM