Neidenes 7/21/2005

Oh, we are busy little beavers tonight! (in your part of the world)  Those who are waking up to a new and glorious day on the other side of your world are equally busy.   I am Neidenes and I am of the Galactic Federation of Light.  We have been providing training and “brush up” instruction for many of you on our ships in your sleeptime.   We are pleased with your progress and remembrances.   

We of the Federation are also pleased with your enthusiasm for your assignments.  We realize it has been a difficult time for so many of you and yet you have stayed the course and continue to do so.  We commend your tenacity!  You have persevered in your  faithfullnes to the Light! 

We are here to speak to you of the Arts.  We are makers of music.  We sing the songs of the Spheres, we are dancers who dance across the skies. We are sculptors who fashion the spaces between the worlds, we are painters who  color the Nebula, the Rays of the Galaxies    and we are the Image makers.  AND SO ARE YOU!   

 The Arts bring Beauty and Joy to Life!   They are the Song of The Soul!  In the times to come Art will be an integral part of your lives and the Earth will be vibrating with beauty in every conceivable form.    You have such a beautiful planet to work with.   Once she is cleaned of all pollution you will see her in her Crystalline Purity and Magnificence!

We, on the Starship Clarity (in your language) are from a Planet who’s people are dedicated to the Arts in all forms.  Consequently we live in beauty, in the purity of color and form.   We are a joyful people with much to show you!   Do you wonder why Artists are with the Galactic Federation of Light?   We have much to contribute to the re-formation of your societies and will help you to fulfill your full artistic potential.  We leave you now and send you dreams of beautiful images and music.

Telepathically Communicated by Spirit Eagle July 21, 2005 2:15 AM