Ker-ton-tec 2/2/2006

We are within your Solar System now.  I am Ker-ton-tec of the Blue Star.  I am one of many Paschat Warriors who have come back to your Planet to assist in this Transition.  We have also been checking on our sisters and brothers whose ancestors we left with yours  to teach them how to live in the Light of the One.

We are Warriors of the Light!  We  gird ourselves with the armor of Truth, of Light, of Love and of Oneness.  We live by the Law of One.  We teach the Law of One.  We are peaceful and peace-filled.  We have served humanity in your evolution into the great Beings that you ARE!   We have never left you!  Look around and you will know that we are here in the millions!   

Call on us when there is immediate need and we will be with you!  Know that at least two of us will arrive and bolster your courage! 

The Goddess walks the Earth!  She is the One Who Will Say The Word and all of the old, crumbling fear-filled illusions will shatter into millions of pieces and re-form into a new Earth, a new Direction, a new and everlasting Oneness for all Beings upon your Planet.

Dear Sisters, Dear Brothers know that we are by your sides.  When your courage is in need of bolstering, Call Us!   We will be with you in the blink of a Cat’s Eye!   You are Formidable like us!!!  And don’t you forget it!!!   We Love you and ask you to put on your armore and be ready for your call to action!   You are needed now.  Rest now, in the Arms of The Mother. Telepathic  Communication by Spirit Eagle