Kadarah 8/5/2005

Greetings!  I am Kadarah and I am on the Golden Star.  We are working with the Elementals on your world to help restore the balance which has been lost for the most part.  Yes, we are the gold “star” you see directly overhead in your skies every night.  You have been curious about us, have you not?

We are from the Lyra System and we are humanoid in form (for the most part).  Most on your world don’t realize that the Elementals perform a great service for Mother Earth and for you.  If they disappeared altogether yours would become a dead planet and nothing could flourish again.  We have been working with  many forms from their kingdom:  The many Earth Elementals as well as the Undines (Water  Elementals) and with the Sylphs (Air Elementals).  They have all been working overtime (in your expression) and are hard -pressed to keep everything within Creator’s Harmony.  There is much unconciousness among the people regarding the dire need for the healing of your planet which is also the healing of you, for you are as One Being!  Inter-dependent!

Take time to be in Nature and observe the insects, the trees, the animals.  Your Civilization has lost its’ Civility toward your Earth, the plant,animal, mineral and water Kingdoms and your human family as well.  Communicate with all Kingdoms!

We applaud those who are educating others about your inter-dependence with your Planet.  You are the Warriors of the Light!   We ask you to talk to the Elementals even if you can’t see them and thank them for the work that they do.   We ask you to visualize your Earth Mother as you wish her to be in a Pristine condition.  Take your vision to the heights of Creativity!  See a clear picture of her shining clarity of air, land and water for You will be helping us to bring that vision into form! 

We are looking forward to our mutual interactions!  You are our long lost sisters and brothers and we are anticipating our big Family Reunion in the very near future!   Peace be with you and rest easy, sleep in the Arms of The Mother.

Telepathically Communicated by Spirit Eagle August 5, 2005  12:10 AM