K-Ta-Ra 1/5/2006

I am K-Ta-Ra.  I am in command of the ship “Mountain of Light”.   I am from your spiritual family beneath the earth.   Our ships have been a part of this Grand Awakening on the surface of Mother Earth.   We are more closely connected than you can imagine.   We come from the same lineage; we just live in different places on the earth.  

Much of the illnesses (both physical and mental) in your societies are due to the environmental contaminents that have been carelessly distributed over the earth’s surface.   But by far, the Biggest cause of these illnesses is the Lack of love, caring, support and compassion in the many societies on the Earth.   Too often people are busy  wading through their own life’s problems to reach out to others, to really listen to another person’s pain and grief.  In our cities Love is our guiding principle!  ALL are loved!

We who live under the Earth’s surface have not forgotten our Heritage as Light Beings from other Civilizations.   We have carried forth with our evolution and the Planetary evolution of our Mother Earth.  We have met and worked with many of you over time and we have monitored your progress into the Light as manifested on the Planet.  Many have met us and were not aware; others have sensed something about us that was similar yet different.  

We ask you Dear Sisters and Brothers to walk the Earth with Compassion, Love and Tenderness for ALL Beings on the planet.   Reach out to each other in Love as we are doing with you.  Love spreads exponentially and in that sweet moment in time when it fills every nook and cranny we will burst forth in our Light Bodies together as One Mind, One Heart and One Being!    We love you all and are ever vigilant.  WE ARE WITH YOU! 

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle        Thursday January 5 ’05