Jermid 8/3/2005

 I am Jermid of the Federation Council of the Galactic Federation of Light.  Yes, you are seeing  me in my aspect.  I wear the Council uniform.  We are in a supervisory capacity cooridinating the many ships involved in this endeavor of Light.  With so many ships participating, the work is many-faceted. 

We have been overseeing the deployment of our Personnel on your Planet at this time.  Diplomatic skills are of necessity required of those assigned to this work.  We are walking amongst you at this time.   I am talking about the 3 dimensional reality.  Many more of us are on your Planet in the higher dimensions and when you waver between the dimensions as many of you are doing now,  you will notice us.   Yes, some of us have been walking your planet for a number of years and these appear as “special”  to you, even as angels would. 

Our Plans have changed over the years due to acceleration and implementation of the plans of the Dark Ones on your planet.   Ours, will be a world-wide event and it will happen sooner than later in your linear time.   We understand the frustrations of all of you over the necessary delays that have ensued.    We regret that, but it has all been purposeful!  You have gone into the Core of who you are and  found a surprise there and it was Love!  You have been able to do what a few short years ago you could not do so quickly and easily.  You have Sent Love to those who would enslave you!  You have felt Compassion by visualizing them as little children.  You all have, and continue to Do What It Takes to Be Love, to Live your Ascended Mastership in the NOW!

What was to begin in the United States will be a global event now!  All people will be helped in a grand way together.  We have much to learn from each other.  Yes, we learn from you.  What we have learned about you is that you are so much better than you all think you are!  And the Life Force is very strong in you.  Against Great Odds you have come to the Doorway of Ascension in RECORD TIME!   (interesting expression).  We are pleased to be here with you at the doorway to the Ascension of you and of Mother Earth! 

Just know that we are not sleeping on the job! (Another interesting phrase).  We are as excited as you are to “get this show on the road”  as You would say Dear Spirit.  Ah, yes,  I am on the Ship the Kahrmon.  Good Night.  See you on the Ships!

Telepathically Communicated By Spirit Eagle  August 3, 2005  12:50 AM