Jarrold and Elise 7/16/2005

Greetings!    We send you good cheer and our great love for you!  We are Jarrold and Elise of the Federation ship the Donameur.   We have been participating in the proceedings as Galactic Ambassadors.   We have been on your world for periods of time in negotiations that haven’t always gone too well.  That is, up until now!

We have worked with many other Ambassadors from other ships who have been in negotiations with your people on the ground. (around the world)  The proceedings are going well at this time.  As you know now, that has not always been the situation. 

We are aware of your impatience and discouragement at times, but we ask that you not lose heart.   You are about to embark upon new territory, a new way of relating to each other with an introduction to your Galactic Family. 

We will be moving equipment onto your world as soon as Open Contact and the NESARA implementations have been accomplished.   This equipment is for the clean-up of your environment, particularly your atmoshphere.   The environmental degradation and consequent reduction of atmospheric oxygen is of paramount importance and is one of our first priorities. 

The covert weapons that have been used on the world’s people have accellerated the pollution of your atmosphere and the reduction of atmospheric oxygen.

Your Space Programs in various countries have not been as benign as they have told the people.  Those who make plans and implementations for control of your world have become insane with Power and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.   They are in the throes of a Dark Sickness that would destroy all if they cannot have their way.  

We have decreed that their destructive plans will NOT see fruition!    And my Dears,  YOU have decreed it also by your faithfulness to the Light, by your insistance that you will Love, no matter what or whom and by your Will to no longer be afraid, and by your determination to take your Power back and to take your Earth back from those who would destroy her.   You are Soveriegn Beings and you are behaving as such and we are proud of you for coming to this place in such a short time!

You are loved, honored and cherished by us!  Stand in YOUR STRENGTH!   There is nothing weak about you!   Hold yourselves proudly and know that nothing can stop this rush to glorious reunion with your Galactic Family!   IT IS Done!   And So It Is!   Beloved I AM! 

We will see you on the Ships!  Good Night my Dears!

Telepathically Communicated by Spirit Eagle July 16, 2005 12:27 AM