Gresceod and Breddew 7/27/2005

Greetings to you this lovely evening!  Peace be with you in your days and nights!  There is  a Peace within the hearts of many at this time.  You are  children of the ALL that IS and are at Onement with your sisters and brothers from the stars and those who inhabit the Earth with you.  They are the Elementals and what you term the Plant and Animal Kingdoms.

We are very pleased to be here helping with the Ascension process.   We are your sisters from Pletara in your Galaxy.   We have been here for many years nudging you and inspiring you to implement the balancing of the feminine and masculine energies on your planet for without this there was no hope for your continuence.  The overbalance of the masculine has reaped a plague of destruction of all systems of your Earth’s environment. 

With the Goddess’ energies on the planet at this time the re-balancing has begun and you will find that many are awakening to the consequences of disrespect for your home planet.   With the Goddess Awakening there will be a new awareness of the Goddess in every woman on your planet.   She will be respected through her daughters as the Giver of Life.   And her daughters will respect themselves and love themselves again into forever.

I am Breddew of the Galactic Federation of Light.  My ship is the Avalon and we are frolicing in your skies waiting for our Open interactions with you!    Our Medical Officer wants a word with you.  I will say Good Night!

I am Gresceod and wish a short communication with you.  Many women on your planet have various mental and emotional ills that are plaguing them at this time.   This is related to what Breddew spoke of, the over-balancing of the masculine energies here.   We are, and will continue to help you.    We ask that you be good to yourselves and to see the beauty within you, and the loveableness of each of the Goddesses daughters.    You are Pearls Beyond Price, you are bringers of Beauty and Love AND LIFE!  You Are love.  Love who you are!   We will continue to work with you all.

I do not forget the Brothers for you too, are plagued with illnesses of the mind and emotions.  For aeons of time you have been forbidden to feel.  You have been discouraged from allowing your sensitive Feminine side to surface.  You have been encouraged to kill your brothers in warring  without the concern for how it has effected your souls and your minds.   Be at peace Dear Brothers for you are dearly loved by the Goddess and she’s awaits the pending day when you too, will heal from what has been done to you.  On that day you will sing Her praises with infinite joy!  I bid you good night!  Sleep in the loving arms of the Great Mother!

Telepathically Communicated by Spirit Eagle  July 27, 2005   12:25 AM