Ghondor 10/16/2005

Good Evening Little One!  I am your old friend Ghondor of the Pleiadian Nations.   I am here with a message for the  Ashtar Commanders on the ground.  Many of you have wondered what you are to be doing at this time to make the way smooth for the ongoing transition in your governments.   As Commanders much is expected of you.  You have been doing what you were to be doing up until now.  It is time for you to connect with each other for the coming times that are upon you.   You are the Leaders of the New Dispensiation.  You are to be followers no more!   What is your intuitive sense telling you?  Follow That!   It is the Goddess/God within.   Make connection with each other, converse!  

It is time to drop the shield of the unworthy and be in your shining brightness of Mastership!   We, and You have been waiting a long long time to be in this moment!  THE TIME IS NOW!   No more trials and tests!   No more!   No more Illusions of smallness!   Step into your Mastership NOW!  I leave you for the moment;  Mierwyn wishes a word with all of you.

It is good to speak to you this night dear sisters and brothers.   I am from the Starship the Emerald Isle.    We are from a place not unlike your Terra.  Much Green and great waters.   I am here to expound upon the message given by  Ghondor this night.   For all of you who are awaiting orders: the Orders have been given!   It is time for You to discern your next moves.  Have you truly understood what it means to remember your Ascended Mastership?   Ponder this.   If you truly Know Who you are then Nothing will stop your New World from forming according to YOUR DECREE.  

What glorious power there is in Light and in Love,  what glorious power there is in Thought.  Put these three together in concentrated energy  of the many and you have the formula for the changes you wish to see on your world.   An Awakened Master KNOWS she is a THOUGHT away from the Manifestation of all that she desires!    IT IS NOW!   THE TIME IS NOW FOR THE MANIFESTATION OF THE PLAN!   Wake up to yourSELF!!!!   It is Creation!     You are the Teachers and Masters that you have been waiting for!   HO HO a good joke?  Not so!  You have been gently led back to Who You Are.  It is time now to let go of the little beings you thought that you were for so many Millennia. 

You know the truth now of the Goddesses/Gods that you are!  Be in your OWN Power under The Law of One!    Adieu  my family!

Ghondor here.   One more word for the Commanders and ground crew.  You might want to choose an area in the ongoing drama unfolding on your world and since you are the leaders decide where you will put your COMBINED focus for change each day for the next 2 or so weeks.  Meditate upon that which you wish to change by seeing the outcome in glorious full color and Light in accord with the vision of your New World.  Take a few minutes each day to focus the strength of your combined energies.    You CAN do ANYTHING and TOGETHER YOU will get this done.

Telepathically communicated by Spirit Eagle   October 16, 2005   7:15 PM